When does Pogba arrive at Juventus? The 100 market questions are answered on newsstands

TORINO – All the market well explained. That is the one hundred answers that you would like to receive from the experts on the transfer and transfer campaigns of Juventus, Turin, Milan, Inter and the other sixteen Serie A teams. Tuttosport on Monday 13 June is an edition not to be missed and to be read in one go to get a complete picture of the Serie A market situation.

When does Pogba arrive? Can Inter really make the Dybala-Lukaku match? Can Rabiot leave? Who will be Milan’s central defender next season? Is Belotti going away? And who can get to his place? One hundred questions like these will have their answers. And if by chance there was not the question that torments you there will be a way to ask it and have the answer on Tuesday. Don’t miss Tomorrow’s Tuttosport.

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