when can we see the Perseids?

An appointment not to be missed. Like all years, after enjoying the Delta Aquarides Sud, astronomy lovers will be able to admire the Persians in the sky. The peak of this meteor shower is forecast for the night of August 12 to 13.

The Perseid Peak corresponds to climax of the meteor shower. It occurs every year between mid-July and mid-August. It is one of the three most beautiful events of this kind, in the same way as Quadrantides, in January, and Geminids, in December.

The Perseids originate from debris from comet Swift-Tuttle. In optimal weather conditions it is possible to see more than a hundred shooting stars per hour.

It is still advisable to wait until the Moon is down to observe this phenomenon. As with the Delta Aquarids, no equipment is needed, it is possible to see the Perseids with the naked eye. As always, it is highly recommended that you find a corner away from any light pollution to make the most of the show.

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