When are the pay rises for ZUS employees? We know the probable date

As we recently reported, ZUS employees are to receive pay raises this year – and it’s bigger than initially planned. The plant was to increase wages by about PLN 300 per person, but then decided to increase this amount by another several hundred zlotys.

Therefore, the employees of the Department asked when they would actually see the money. As we managed to find out from a source in ZUS, which wants to remain anonymous, wage increases are to be introduced soon.The plan is to introduce increases from mid-July – our informant says.

This date is in line with previous ZUS declarations, according to which the increases were to come into force in July. In addition, the employees of the Department will also receive compensation from January 1. As we have described, the division of funds is to be decided by the Department in consultation with the trade unions.

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Rises in ZUS. Conflict with trade union in the background

At the beginning of June, we reported that ZUS employees are to receive pay raises on average by PLN 300 per person. Our informants then confirmed that the Department had already secured funds for this purpose.

In the background of increases for ZUS officials, there is a conflict with one of the trade unions – the Union Alternative. How we wrote in money.pl, the board of ZA at the Social Insurance Institution decided to start general strike on June 27. The strike is to be indefinite and will cover the entire country.

ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski claims that the Union Alternative attacks the plant and manipulates the facts. – Unfortunately, we have recently faced attacks by one of the trade unions, which in every possible way wants to disrupt the work of ZUS for the benefit of citizens. An example of this is spreading false information about a possible strike. Meanwhile, it would be illegal to carry out any industrial action – Żebrowski emphasized in a statement for the media from a few days ago.

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