When and Where is the Neftçi Baku-Beşiktaş Match? Time, Channel, and Details

In the first match of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League, Beşiktaş will face Azerbaijan representative Neftçi Baku away. Our representative wants to return to the country with an advantageous score before the return match to be played in Istanbul. So when is the Neftçi Baku-Beşiktaş match, what time is it on which channel?

09.08.2023 – 14:55 | Last Updated: 09.08.2023 – 14:55

The countdown continues for the Neftçi Baku-Beşiktaş match. Struggling to stay in the UEFA Conference League groups this season, Beşiktaş started the fight from the second qualifying round. Our representative, who eliminated Tirana in this round, matched with Azerbaijan representative Neftchi Baku in the 3rd qualifying round. If our representative passes this round, he will play with the winner of the Aris-Dynamo Kiev match in the play-off round. So when is the Neftçi Baku-Beşiktaş match, what time is it on which channel?


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