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WhatsApp Multi-device 2.0: What is it and how will it allow you to use your account on a second cell phone?

The most used instant messaging network in the world never stops being on everyone’s lips, But that does not remove from public knowledge that other apps are slowly gaining ground, To try to continue being the one preferred by users, WhatsApp has released new functions, today we will tell you about a new one, Multi-device 2.0.

We have all used the function to synchronize WhatsApp with a computer and it is almost a fact that very soon we will be able to carry out the same process with two smartphones, making life easier for us, below we will tell you the details.

What is WhatsApp Multidevice 2.0?

The Multi-device 2.0 function is an improvement that will allow the same WhatsApp account to be synchronized on more than one smartphone, so he reports it WABetaInfo, they have found evidence of development in Android and iOS of this great tool.

Will I be able to use my WhatsApp account on two different cell phones? This is known

Although there are no details yet on how the two smartphones will be synchronized, what is a fact is that the end-to-end encryption will be respected, the second mobile phone will have the history of conversations and contacts, even when the first mobile phone is not switched on.

When is this new WhatsApp feature released?

Currently we do not know exactly the release date for this long-awaited feature but it is still pending that as soon as the information is known here we will bring it to you immediately.


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