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WhatsApp, how to write without being seen: a good find

WhatsApp, how to write without being seen: a good find. It can be a very useful trick for many users

In addition to protecting our privacy, we can better manage our flights online. The ability to write something for someone without worrying that we see someone else. Now you can.

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One of the most worrying aspects about its use whatsapp is privacy. All users have always paid the utmost attention to what are the ways to manage their account or not. Make your moves visible to everyone. In addition, there is a very high risk of fraud, which has increased significantly in the last period, precisely due to messages from Fake accounts run by hackers. There is also in all this the usual request for confidentiality, To escape prying eyes at work or in private life. So this is the latest news that can be very useful for a long list of people. Today, in fact, everyone knows about our online access once we start using it. whatsapp. Immediately under our name account Shows the date and time of the connection. This can limit us if we decide to intentionally ignore some messages or not respond.

WhatsApp, how to write without being seen: the answer is Widget

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To completely solve the problem, just use Really clever new trick.

The answer to all our problems is simply called contraption. What are we talking about? Refer to A place still unknown to many. To activate it, simply press and hold on an empty space on the phone screen. The screen will shrink and options will appear, including this one.which consists of creating a link between the application and the desktop of the smartphone.

You should also keep in mind that every time you receive notifications, you will also be able to read them from contraptionno need to log in to the app. You can see up to 6 messages at the same time. An excellent turning point for all those who need to write or read certain messages, but cannot be discovered on the Internet for various reasons. You just have to try this very simple method. And file one of the world’s most frequent issues from the world’s largest chat platform.

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