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WhatsApp and Messenger are not working. Check who you do not have the number for!

Today’s failure affected not only Facebook and Instagram, but also other platforms related to Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp and Messenger are not working, which means the triumphant return of classic communication methods such as phone calls and SMS. So let’s keep classic contacts on your phone.

The failure of large social networks is primarily a problem for all those who would like to see what is happening with their favorite influencers and friends during this evening. Marriage of Facebook and Instagram means we won’t find out who ate what for dinner tonight or what depressing music they listened to that Monday night.

WhatsApp and Messenger are not working. So let’s check who we don’t have a phone number for

However, since the failure affected Mark Zuckerberg’s portals, it means that other websites are also not working. Among them, those used to communicate with others, such as Messenger and WhatsApp. This means a lot of difficulties for those who have already given up obtaining numbers and prefer to talk through this type of internet communicators.

He himself admits that I do not have a number for many other friends or colleagues, because I did not need it recently. I always have mobile Internet on my phone, so it was enough to add ourselves to my friends on Facebook to be able to communicate with someone via Messenger. So the question for a phone number was often not even asked, especially when I exchanged messages with someone very sporadically.

Even if we prefer to use instant messaging, it is still worth having a telephone number of a contractor, especially a foreign one

Today’s failure made me and probably many others realize that apart from modern forms of contact, it is worth keeping the more traditional ones. Having a phone number allows for such mundane activities that do not require the Internet, such as sending an SMS or making a phone call. It also does not make us dependent on the fact that some external large portal must work so that we have a fully functional contact book that we can always contact.

WhatsApp and Messenger are still not working, but as soon as they are launched, there is nothing left for a person to do other than review with whom he exchanged messages most often on this portal and to whom he does not have a phone number. Especially if we are bound by business matters.

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