What You Need to Know Behind the Potential of the M 8.7 Banten Earthquake


Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council (BMKG) conveyed the potential for a large earthquake from megathrust Sunda Strait. The earthquake has a potential magnitude (M) of 8.7. Here’s what you need to know behind the potential for a big earthquake.

BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Coordinator Daryono explained the potential for this large earthquake, Saturday (15/1/2022).

The warnings about the potential for this earthquake are also related to the earthquake in the Sunda Strait with a magnitude of 6.6 which shook Jakarta and Palembang, Friday (14/1). Yesterday’s earthquake was also centered in the region megathrust Sunda Strait.

Here are things you need to know regarding the potential for the M 8.7 earthquake:

1. It is not certain when it will happen

BMKG cannot predict when the M 8.7 earthquake will occur. The thing is, to this day, there is no technology that can predict earthquakes as well as weather predictions.

“Actually yesterday’s earthquake was not a real threat, yes, the real threat was at a magnitude of 8.7, but who knows when we don’t know, but it can’t be predicted,” said BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Coordinator Daryono when contacted detik.com, Saturday (15/1/2022).

He said BMKG and related parties still have the opportunity to prepare everything to prevent the effects of the earthquake.

“Yes, earlier, related to that potential, we can’t predict it yet, but when it will happen we don’t know. We can still prepare concrete mitigations such as building earthquake-resistant buildings, then referring to a safe spatial plan from tsunami risk, then preparing evacuation routes, installing signs evacuate to get to a safe place faster,” said Daryono.

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Next, you need to be careful because it’s been a long time since there’s a big earthquake:


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