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What you have to know this Monday in La Tercera: Government enlists new aid, deaths from Covid-19 reach 8,935 and 40% approve of La Moneda’s management against the pandemic

A Saint Peter and Saint Paul very different from that of recent years. It is another holiday without official activities and with the country hit by the Covid-19 outbreak: 271,982 infections and 5,509 deaths. In the midst of the pandemic, one of the main concerns centers on the impact of the health crisis on the Chilean economy. And with this, the political world is framed in discussions of possible aid to the most affected sectors. Yesterday, the Minister of Social Development, Cristián Monckeberg, reported that the government is preparing new measures for middle-class groups that have not accessed state benefits. And it is that one week after the promulgation of the new Emergency Family Income, the pressure of the opposition aims to allow the early withdrawal of pension funds as a way to face the economic effects of the coronavirus. However, from La Moneda they have reiterated that the solution does not go through the withdrawal of some percentage of the pension savings. Currently, the Executive is considering options that point to a soft loan and measures to protect homes.

The plans that shuffle mayors prevented from going to re-election. The new law approved in Congress left more than 90 community chiefs without the possibility of running for another period in the April 2021 election. Although various sectors have asked that President Sebastián Piñera enter a veto to exempt them from the rule Just for this one time – appealing for a “change in the rules of the game” in the midst of their mandates – some councilors already have alternatives in mind for their futures.

Deaths with Covid-19 reach 8,935 according to DEIS and Minsal stands out low in MR cases. Report considers confirmed and suspicious deaths. Total infections exceeded 270 thousand.

›Cadem: 40% approve of the government’s management in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. In addition, the management of the new Minister of Health, Enrique Paris is approved by 62% of the respondents. And 89% declare feeling anxiety, nerves, anguish, stress or tiredness due to the situation in the country.

Elections in the midst of the pandemic. Poland and France held elections this Sunday, which had been postponed by the coronavirus. They were able to carry them out by applying measures such as the use of masks and maintaining distance.

Bravo returns to the portico of City with a victory in the FA Cup. The Chilean goalkeeper, who has not played since March 4, played the entire game in the Citizens’ 0-2 win over Newcastle, in the quarterfinals of England’s oldest tournament. Guardiola’s men will face Arsenal in the semifinals.

“It can be argued that admitting an unconstitutional postnatal project for processing does not have to do with a challenging provocation to the rule of law and the Armed Forces, but they are wrong. It is the climate of degradation of the rule of law that is transferring rights from citizens to political, economic and apparently also military oligarchies.

Óscar Guillermo Garretón, economist.

“The only ones who can liberate in Chile is Justice, not even governments. And that’s something you don’t understand. “

Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, after being confronted by a Mapuche activist in Geneva.

Troubling scenario in Argentina

“The recent failed attempt to expropriate Vicentin and the high fiscal spending generated by the pandemic aggravate the future trans-Andean economic scenario.”

Paula: I postponed my motherhood due to the pandemic, and maybe it will be forever

On New Year’s Eve 2019 I wrote several papers with my wishes for that new year. In one of them I put ‘I’m going to be a mother’.

Practical: Don’t stop moving: 6 exercises for tight spaces

Sport is an excellent ally to keep us physically and mentally healthy during confinement. That the cold, the rains and the winter are not an impediment to exercise.

Worship: Family ties, aliens and healers: Chilean cinema at Sanfic 2020

Seven films go to the national competition of the meeting that will go digitally from August 16 to 23. His stories take place in Santiago, Valparaíso or the Amazon and among the actors are Alejandro Goic, Trinidad González and Manuela Martelli.

What happens: Sars-CoV-2 and the history of viruses: Tracing the origin of these little killers

The virus that causes Covid-19 belongs to the family of viruses called Coronaviridae. In 1968 they were named coronaviruses because of their strange crown shape. They were not considered dangerous until 2003. Today it is known that not only can they be very contagious, but they can also be very lethal, to the point of generating a pandemic.

10:30 / The mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, presents the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, with the admission document to formally request the creation of the new municipal municipal school, responding to middle-class families who will not be able to continue paying for a private school and promoting a free, quality, and equitable public education.

11:00 / The RN Bank, led by Sebastián Torrealba and Karin Luck, together with the president of the community, Mario Desbordes, refer to measures to go to the aid of the middle class.

22:00 / The sanitary cord ends in the province of Santiago, Valparaíso and Gran Concepción.

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