What to look for when going berry in Latvian swamps – Practically

In order to read cranberries in the Teiči Nature Reserve, where people cannot otherwise be, residents of local governments can obtain permits from the Nature Protection Board (hereinafter – the Board), while in other areas, general conditions must be observed when going for berries and mushrooms.

The Teiči Nature Reserve Law stipulates that residents of local governments in the territory of the reserve in the regulated regime zone may read cranberries, if the written permission of the Board has been received. Taking into account that it is the local government that is able to ensure effective communication with the population, the Office cooperates with the parish administrations to ensure the issuance of cranberry reading permits.

This year, the Board has prepared 1,150 permits, which local government residents will receive for berry picking on certain dates – on September 12 and 13, as well as on September 19 and 20. 350 permits will be issued in Atašiene parish of Krustpils municipality, 150 permits in Varakļāni parish of Varakļāni municipality and 250 permits in Murmastiene parish. 200 permits will be issued in Mētriena parish of Madona region, but 200 permits in Barkava parish.

“In October, we receive information from the local governments about the actually issued permits – it shows how much the local population is interested in such a possibility. Zeize.

The recipient of the permit must keep in mind that berries are allowed only at the specified place and time, reminds Dagnis Vasilevskis, the head of the supervision and control sector of the Latgale Regional Administration of the Office.

“Only the person indicated in the document is entitled to use the permit and he must have an identity document with him. An arranger arriving at the cranberry reading point by road must place the right-hand section of the permit in the vehicle window. , collect other wild berries and mushrooms, leave household waste, including placemarks – bags, ribbons, etc. Also, the swamp will not be the right place to leave food or empty containers, beverage packaging and polyethylene bags. “Because swamps are very sensitive to wear and tear, their recovery is very slow. It is also forbidden to drop smoke in the swamp and perform other activities that may cause a fire,” says Vasilevskis.

In order not to get into unpleasant situations when berrying and mushroom picking in other nature territories, it is necessary to find out what norms are in force in the respective territory before going to nature. Many bogs are located in specially protected nature areas and, some of them are in the area of ​​strict regime, nature reserve or nature reserve, where berrying is not allowed. Restrictions are set in some areas, so it is advisable to first find out whether cranberry reading is allowed at the intended place at all – whether the intended berry picking place is not in the reserve can be found out in the natural data system “Ozols” by visiting the link http://ozols.daba.gov.lv/pub/.

The Nature Protection Board calls for compliance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and the instructions of state environmental inspectors. Please inform about 26112686 about noticed illegal activities in Teiči nature reserve.

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