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“What should I use for the 5 trillion donation?” Kakao Kim Bum-soo meets head-to-head with employees

Kakao Chairman Kim Beom-soo answers questions from employees at’Brian After Talk’, a video conference with employees at the Kakao office in Pangyo, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Cacao offer“The role model for solving social problems is Bill Gates. I was the first to think that a company could do that, and I started benchmarking (…) Declaration of going the right path as a company, and attempts to create a better world with technology. I think you need it”

Kakao Chairman of the Board of Directors Kim Beom-soo mentioned Microsoft founder Bill Gates as his role model.

Earlier, Chairman Kim declared on the 8th that he will donate more than half of his property. Kakao’s largest shareholder, Chairman Kim’s equity valuation is currently over 10 trillion won. The donation is over 5 trillion won. Through this, he thinks, “I want to solve social problems.”

About two weeks later, on the 25th, Chairman Kim shared in-house ideas related to his property donation plan. This is the first time since Chairman Kim announced his intention to donate to society. About 5600 out of 10,000 employees of Kakao affiliates listened to the meeting.

◇Kim Beomsu “Role model is Bill Gates”… Support for education and start-up “We will use donations right away”

Chairman Kim expressed his thoughts and determination on corporate social responsibility at the online employee meeting’Brian Talk After’ starting at 2 pm on the same day. Employees also actively suggested ideas after sharing Kim’s thoughts.

Bill Gates. Reuters capture-Chairman Kim said, “Something like a donation pledge was made by the Bill Gates Foundation, but in the United States it has spread like a culture to IT entrepreneurs.” Said.

Regarding the specific donation plan, he said, “I want to write it right away, not a concept to keep it in,” he said. This is because it would be nice if we could solve some social problems by investing large amounts of capital.

When asked which one of the numerous social problems he will solve, he said, “I am interested in those who are preparing for the future, those who have not gotten the opportunity due to the digital education gap, and artificial intelligence (AI) talent.” Explained.

He said, “The more startups there are, the better it will be.”

As a way of solving the problem, he replied, “What I am looking for is a project.” “Rather than prioritizing and creating a strategy, I want to solve it by saying,’Let’s try this, let’s just do it’,” he added.

◇Controversy about personnel evaluation “Warning lights lit up in corporate culture”… “There should be nothing to ignore and harm”

Bumsoo Kim Chairman of the Kakao Board of Directors. yunhap news-He also opened his mouth to the recent controversy over personnel evaluation. Chairman Kim emphasized, “There should never be an act of ignoring or harassing anyone in Kakao. If there is a leader or colleague who is not sensitive to such things, you must correct it.”

“We are completely imperfect beings, but how we apologize when we make a mistake reveals the company’s culture,” he emphasized. “I hope that you look carefully around and read carefully.”

Finally, he said, “This issue is that warning lights are lit in the corporate culture. The company culture is revealed in how you react and apologize when you make a mistake. I hope that the Kakao community will become a healthy organization.”

Regarding compensation, he added, “If it is less than our competitors, we will have to improve it quickly, but I hope that long-term changes will give us time.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Kim plans to determine how to use the private assets he has decided to give back to society by referring to various ideas presented by employees on the day.

Regarding the adequacy of the in-house personnel evaluation, a separate meeting was held on the 2nd of next month to discuss improvement measures.

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