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What newcomer Michel Vlap Arminia Bielefeld promises

As a child he went to sleep with a soccer ball, now Michel Vlap has “woken up” in the Bundesliga and wants to score goals for Bielefeld. Will coach Uwe Neuhaus let him try it right away?

He wants to assert himself in the Bundesliga: Michel Vlap.

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In his first media round in Bielefeld, Michel Vlap reveals how this sport started for him and where his above-average feel for the ball comes from. “When I was four years old I went to sleep with a soccer ball. My family knew then that I love soccer,” says Arminia’s newcomer from RSC Anderlecht from his home in the Netherlands. “I saw a lot of football in Heerenveen and it started there. My brother gave me a ball when I was two. We did everything with the ball on our feet.”

“Work hard with a smile”

15 years later Vlap played for his hometown club SC Heerenveen. “This is the club I grew up in, I have a special relationship with the people there. I always try to connect with the fans and share my positivity with them.” A quality that should look good on the Bundesliga climber in the escalating battle for relegation. “I always try to live with a smile, to be positive and to work hard – work hard with a smile”, promises the 23-year-old in a friendly mixture of German and English.

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Vlap Michel

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Arminia Bielefeld

Arminia Bielefeld


Vlap has a goal in mind

And of course the attacking midfielder, who also feels comfortable as a hanging top, wants to achieve sporting success with it – for the Ostwestfalen, who borrowed him until the end of the season, and for himself. “I want Arminia to stay in the league. For me I hope to be important for the team. When I heard about the offer from the Bundesliga it wasn’t a difficult decision. I had a good feeling. I can do good things in the league, it’s a style I like . And clearly one of the goals is to present myself here. I’ve always dreamed of the Bundesliga. It’s also a platform and to show myself. ”

Messi has an idol for Müller admirers

In a sense, “woke up” from the dream, the man who considers Lionel Messi to be an idol and who admires Thomas Müler for his style of play will be with the new team against Werder Bremen on Sunday evening. Even with him in the starting line-up? Vlap, two-time goalscorer in the training game “eleven against eleven” on Friday: “I had a good week and worked hard. I have to get used to the Bundesliga, but I feel fit and hungry to score goals for Arminia and good to play. We’ll see. The coach decides. ”

Neuhaus’ considerations

This, Uwe Neuhaus, naturally does not allow himself to be looked at in advance and may still be waiting for the decisive idea himself. “Basically you have to consider everything. The decisive factor is still the training performance.” But possibly also the idea of ​​giving Marcel Hartel, who was last outplayed, a creative break in an area of ​​activity that Vlap could also serve.

“His performance stands or falls with the team,” says the coach to his strong-running designer. “The last time I thought about changing this position in Cologne was half-time. What speaks for Marcel is always the energy he puts on the pitch. In the second half he had more actions than in the first. Basically think I’m always trying to change something that would be good for the team. It doesn’t matter what the name is. ”

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