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What is Promil and what is the proper implementation process?

KOMPAS.com – promil or a pregnancy planning program is a series of steps, activities or activities that can be carried out by a couple in order to get pregnant immediately.

In accordance with the conditions of husband and wife, promile each person runs differently. However, promil is very good for all newly married couples as well as for couples who have been married for a long time.

Chief Executive Officer of Bamed, Dr. Yassin Yanuar MIB, Sp.OG,-KFER, MSc said, there was a mistake in people’s understanding of promil.

He explained that the focus of the promil is not only to get pregnant, but also to prepare the future father and mother-to-be physically and mentally to face pregnancy, so that the mother-to-be can experience a healthy pregnancy.

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“Promil also focuses on improving and maximizing the process of forming teru cells and healthy sperm, so that the fetus will be healthy too,” Yassin said in the Virtual Press Conference entitled “Twelve Years of Bamed Endless Innovation,” Thursday (28/7/2022). ).

When can couples do promil?

Yassin said that couples can do promil when they are ready to have children.

In general, promil can be divided into couples who have no reproductive problems or no fertility problems, and couples who have fertility problems.

If the newly married couple is under a year but does not get pregnant and has no signs of fertility problems, pregnant program This can be done naturally by having regular sex every 2-3 days, consuming nutritious food and exercising regularly.

However, for a couple whose wife is more than 35 years old, or whose menstruation is irregular or infrequent, experiences severe pain during menstruation, and who has been married for more than one year but does not get pregnant; I hope to see a gynecologist soon.

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This visit with a gynecologist needs to be done to carry out various tests or health screenings in order to detect health and prevent various possibilities in the future.

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