What happens to your body when you go on a diet?

What happens to your body when you go on a diet? The question is a must since the effect of the diet to lose weight is to lose weight. But what are the biological processes behind it?

So let’s see just when you go on a diet what happens to your body. Why it is important to know the cause and effect of the weight loss process. Which by the way must be slow. Otherwise the risk of putting back all the kilos lost with interest rises in a short time.

Let’s see when you go on a diet what happens to your body, from muscles to bones

If the diet is restrictive, you lose weight quickly. And you lose not only muscle mass, but lean mass as well. The loss of lean mass makes them more fragile bones. Therefore, we must gradually lose weight by always avoiding fasting. Otherwise, at the end of a starvation diet, one’s organism risks being compromised. At the muscle, bone and even metabolic level.

When you go on a diet, therefore, think about these risks as the ideal diet for weight loss what is it? This is the one that provides a caloric intake slightly lower than the daily requirement, otherwise you risk, among other things, also dysfunctions related to your metabolism.

The maintenance diet after a strict diet, what happens?

Furthermore, at the end of a strict diet there is the maintenance diet. That is the one concerning the return to a normal calorie level, but it is not sustainable in the short term. And this is because the body cannot adapt to this change immediately.

Why the metabolism altered remains the same, while the higher calories consumed with food will lead the body to accumulate fat rapidly. With the high risk, as mentioned above, of frustrating every effort, that is, putting back all the lost kilos, and often even more. In other words, when the diet is not balanced, the higher the caloric deficit, the higher all the risks listed above will be.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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