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What does Jennifer Lopez really look like?

The singer appeared before fans in a new video.

Jay Lo, 53, continues to amaze subscribers with his looks. The pop star has long since given up on coffee and bad habits, she follows a diet and plays sports. And it’s worth it, because the result of Lopez’s self-control is truly amazing. Recently, the actress shared a new video with subscribers. The singer appeared without decorative makeup and filters. At the same time, his face looked fresh and smooth, as if there wasn’t a single wrinkle. Subscribers admired Lopez, acknowledging that her years have no power over her.

According to her, the singer’s beauty secret is the right diet. The star cooks steamed dishes, she does not eat fried and floured food.

As for skin care, J. Lo uses her own brand of cosmetics and vitamin serum. Lopez also regularly resorts to affirmations, i.e. he creates his own mood with the help of positive attitudes. The technique helps the artist to cope with stress and seasonal ailments.

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