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What are they and how do the new WhatsApp conditions affect you?

As of February 8, the new conditions of the WhatsApp messaging service will come into effect. Therefore, users must accept the terms to continue using this application.

This upgrade, of the new WhatsApp conditions, will not affect European users.

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New WhatsApp conditions

The application incorporated 3 general conditions that have to do with:

  • The way WhatsApp processes user data.
  • How businesses can use Facebook-hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats.
  • Lastly, how the platform will partner with Facebook to offer deeper integrations across all products.

The new WhatsApp conditions detail that information will be collected from the main user, and their contacts in group conversations, reports, or by service providers from companies other than Facebook.

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New WhatsApp conditions to share personal data

WhatsApp claims that will share the information of its users with other Facebook companies, this data includes:

  • Phone number and other information provided in the registry (like the name).
  • Phone information: brand, model and mobile phone company.
  • IP address, which indicates the internet connection location.
  • Any payment and financial transaction made through WhatsApp.
  • Also, any data covered by its privacy policy, such as contacts: status updates, when people use WhatsApp and for how long, and unique identification numbers for users’ phones.

Also, the application warns, in the App store, that the service collect contacts, business data when using Facebook. The company advises that it will collect the IP address, and other information, thus:

Even if you don’t use our location-related options, we use your IP address and other information, such as area codes for phone numbers, to estimate your general location (for example, city and country). We also use your location information for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

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WhatsApp justifications for collecting personal data

The WhatsApp messaging service indicates that personal information will be collected to operate and provide its services, such as technical support, complete purchases or transactions.

Also, the company states that these data serve to improve, correct and personalize our services, as well as connect them with the products of Facebook companies.

In other words, they will use the information to understand how their services are used, to evaluate and improve them, to develop new functions or troubleshoot the application.

In summary, by accepting the new WhatsApp conditions, Mark Zuckerberg’s companies will have access to the text messages, contacts, purchases and interactions with third parties, of their users all over the world, except in Europe.

WhatsApp is an application with the largest number of users, in Cuba and the world, because it is free. For example, in Cuba it has been important to enable emergency support services in the midst of the pandemic.

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