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What a heartwarming gesture: annoying celebrities say in unison ‘together we are strong’

The well-known Dutch people try to give their followers on social media a massive positive message on Sunday now that it is certain that the Netherlands is as good as locked for three weeks. The shoulders underneath and together we stand strong, that is the message often.

“These are absurdly erratic times,” writes Halina Reijn, for example. “It’s good that the government has imposed these rules on us, despite the fact that for many of us these are disruptive and enormously complex. Let’s be kind to each other and try to help, protect and support each other (at an appropriate distance, even in the supermarket). Love! Get well soon!”

Jan Smit is also pleased that clarity has finally been created by the government. “An unambiguous decision that everyone was waiting for,” he says. The singer believes that the Netherlands should do everything in its power to prevent further spread. “I wish everyone a lot of strength, love and strength in the near future to get through these dramatic developments with everyone!”

Kaj Gorgels sympathizes with all the duped entrepreneurs “from any industry”. “This is not just your problem! We all need to help each other. Also all parents who now have to work at home, while screaming children are standing next to you, strength! ” The presenter also suggests a good alternative for a party in the pub. “SKYPE PARTIES, we just have to make something of it.”

The press conference in which Minister Slob and Minister Bruins announced the new measures also caused hilarity among various BNs. The reason was the gesture with which the sign language interpreter portrayed the word “hoarding”. “Sorry, but” hoarding “in deaf language is funny again,” says Jon van Eerd, for example.

Angela Groothuizen can now also laugh at the lines that arose just before 6 p.m. in front of the coffee shop. “The prime minister said so… not hoarding! There is a huge line for a coffee shop that also has to close. #hilarious ”, she says.


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