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Wendy Williams has suffered from dementia

Frontal lobe dementia, also called frontal lobe dementia, is an unusual dementia and to some extent has completely different symptoms than other dementias. The nerve cells in the front parts of the brain are destroyed, which affects the personality and how one functions socially as well as speaking ability and judgment (including insight, impulses and aggressiveness).

Memory problems often come later than in Alzheimer’s disease and vascular-related dementia. Often the first sign is that the personality changes and the problems often come before the age of 65.


It is not known what causes the disease, but it is believed to be due to errors in the turnover of certain nerve cell proteins. To some extent, the disease is hereditary, around half of those affected have a genetic relative who is affected.

Common symptoms of frontal lobe dementia:

The person often becomes less outgoing, becomes less engaged in things they were previously interested in and finds it more difficult to take initiative, plan and concentrate. Appetite can also be greatly affected. Impulse control and insight into how others view one’s behavior can also be affected.

Trouble in case of more serious illness

The person may become quieter and less likely to respond due to problems with speaking as well as increased restlessness and restlessness that turns into fatigue and indifference. Problems with memory, having to repeat words and doing everyday things like getting dressed and eating with cutlery.

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