Welcome to the new year: this will change for you in 2020

Finally! Buying a house becomes a little easier this year. The prices are rising to all expectations Less hard, and the national mortgage guarantee goes with 20,000 euros up, which means you can borrow cheaper. Furthermore, it remains a matter of patience, patience, patience (and money).

We have more good news. So from January you can go for an incentive company lease bike drive and keep working this year more money. Workers are left with a few tens more across the board.

Money left? For investors and bitcoin owners it was 2019 a good year, but where should you put your money in this year? We summarize what analysts expect from shares, bonds and cash.

Are you self-employed? Then a lot will change. The new VAT identification number, changes to the small business scheme and a reduced self-employed person’s allowance: all changes for freelancers can be found here.

Flex workers and employers have to pay attention because of the new labor law. The Arbeidsmarkt in Balans (WAB) influences contracts and employment conditions, among other things. Check here what the consequences are for you.

Divorce becomes different. Due to revisions in the Partner Alimony Act, the maximum duration of partner alimony decreases hefty. That is intended to make divorce simpler and more honest.

Do you smoke? Then less good news follows. A pack of cigarettes becomes 14 cents more expensive. That is nothing yet, because if it is up to the State Secretary a pack of butts costs 20 euros.

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