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Week-long Ceasefire Agreement Reached in Sudan Peace Talks

Khartoum: The two sides have reached an agreement for a week-long ceasefire in Sudan, where the civil conflict is raging. The cease-fire agreement was signed during the talks held in Riyadh, mediated by Saudi Arabia and the US. Hundreds of people have already been killed and millions displaced in the conflict that began six weeks ago.

The ceasefire agreement was signed late on Saturday night. The ceasefire will come into effect from Monday. Proposals to restore humanitarian aid in conflict-affected areas, resume essential services, and withdraw troops from hospitals have also been put forward as part of the ceasefire. The official estimate is that more than 700 people died in the conflict that started on April 15. The World Health Organization also stated that more than 5500 people were injured. International agencies also report that more than a million people have fled to neighboring countries.

The life of the people in the capital, Khartoum, has become extremely difficult due to the conflict between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Force. Stocks of food, cash and essentials have dwindled. Banks were heavily looted. Embassies and places of worship are closed. Armed men also reportedly ransacked the Qatari embassy in Khartoum.

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