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The company “Demontāža” has started the partial dismantling of the “Kimmel” brewery building complex. Soviet-era annexes are being demolished, preserving the complex’s historic buildings, the project developers inform.

Swedish real estate company Eastnine acquired the site of the historic Kimmel brewery for 9.5 million euros at the end of 2019 with the aim of developing a multifunctional quarter in the city center, which will be accessible not only to tenants of offices, shops and services, but also to city residents. .

The total area of ​​the buildings to be demolished is 6825 m2 and the dismantling works are planned to be completed by March this year. At the same time, Eastnine Kimmel’s international architectural design competition for the development vision of the Kimmel quarter is taking place. Its results are scheduled to be announced in mid-April.

It is possible to develop a project in the area in the amount of 38,000 m2, of which 4,000 m2 is the area of ​​cultural heritage, which must be preserved. In addition, archaeological supervision must be carried out when planning any type of earthworks for construction work. The project developers point out that the territory has a unique urban planning character in the context of the historical center of Riga, which shows the slope of the territory in the direction of Kr. Valdemāra Street. Since the 19th century, there has been a peculiar development of the building structure, as a result of which the current coexistence of brick and wooden buildings has a different number of floors, different historical and functional origins. It is possible to develop new buildings with various functions in the area of ​​approximately 34,000 m2.

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The project is planned to be developed in two phases, the first of which is planned to be completed in 2024, but the whole project – in the beginning of 2026.

The project developers inform that there is already a lot of interest from tenants from various industries. The historic “Kimmel” quarter occupies most of the quarter between the Knights, Kr. Valdemāra, Stabu and Skolas streets.

Eastnine is also continuing to develop the wooden office building The Pine. This area, which is unique in the Baltics, has an area of ​​16,900 square meters and will be located in Riga, on Valdemāra Street, next to the Aloja Biroji building, the facade and interior of which are planned to be renovated, taking into account the design of The Pine.

The authors of the project are Danish architects “Arrow Architects” and it was created in cooperation with the Latvian architectural firm “ARHIS Arhitekti”. The construction project of the new office building is planned to be developed by the middle of 2021 in order to receive a permit to start construction. Class A office building “The Pine” is planned in accordance with WELL and LEED standards. The Pine is planned as a highly energy efficient building that will significantly reduce utility costs. It is planned to emphasize the use of renewable energy sources in the overall energy supply, for example, the use of solar panels, which will be located on the roof of the building. Eastnine’s goal is to develop The Pine as the first zero-emission office building in the Baltics, which means it will not emit CO2 on an annual basis.

Eastnine AB is a Swedish real estate company with a total property value of 336 million euros. The company’s goal is to become a long-term owner of modern and sustainable office buildings in the capitals of the Baltic States. Eastnine AB shares are listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm. Currently, Eastnine’s portfolio includes office buildings in Riga and Vilnius with a total leasable area of ​​115,000 sqm and tenants such as Danske Bank, Telia, Swedbank, Visma, Uber, Webhelp, sennder. etc.

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