Weather: Light Cloudy and Stable Conditions for this Thursday in the Bay Area | Video | Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

vaccinated.paola: how is the weather?we go with gasón heredia.gason: we take a look at itto the heat that was anticipated thislate in the coverage the san francisco area,san mateo and san joé 85 and 86.a little heat on thisarea. there it is moving inscreen. Thursday andwithin the possibility of seeing100 and 110 degrees. we hada good prognosis with somecloudiness. the activity ofrains stayed retired,locally speaking tomorrowwe are going to have a morning oneso cloudy.nothing that could impactour forecast sodirect.we can have fog, thevisibility will be seen a littlereduced. leave with more timeFrom the wires. maxims aboveof 87 degrees.there will be a decrease in

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