Weather Girl, Yanet Garcia Floats on OnlyFans


Yanet Garcia is a weather girl or a weather forecaster on Mexican television. After that, his prestige continued to increase.

Yanet Garcia isn’t the only one who started her career as a weather girl. In that country, a host who brings news about weather forecasts is indeed a special attraction.

It’s not just a matter of weather, the host also seems to be devoted to sexy figures. Not infrequently their appearance on television is in the spotlight.

Now, Yanet Garcia is developing her career on the OnlyFans platform. Even there, he often gets negative comments.

But there is news, there he also made a big profit despite being overshadowed by criticism. He had over 5,000 subscribers within a year of opening that account.

Yanet Garcia also earns around $2 million per month, making her one of the highest-paid artists on the platform.

In her first two weeks on OnlyFans, Yanet Garcia had 2,000 subscribers, which brought her nearly 800,000 pesos, since she charged 20 dollars per customer, or 400 Mexican pesos.

Despite this, many users claim that the model lacks courage in her photos or videos. In addition, her appearance from weather girl to OnlyFans also continues to be heavily criticized as fans are looking forward to her more on Instagram.

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