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Weather Germany / Baden-Württemberg: Storm threatens! DWD warns urgently

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The weather in Baden-Württemberg threatens to tip over. The DWD warns of violent thunderstorms and heavy rain!

Regardless of whether it is rain or sun – echo24.de* always reports on the current weather situation and the weather forecast for Baden-Württemberg in the weather ticker. If the weather shows its extreme side once more, you will also find a corresponding storm warning on this page with information from the experts of the German Weather Service (DWD). You can find an overview of all previous weather warnings and current developments up to May 27 in the previous weather ticker for Baden-Württemberg *.

Weather today in Baden-Württemberg: Storm threatens! DWD warns of thunderstorms and heavy rain

Update from June 3rd: The weather on Corpus Christi in Baden-Württemberg has it all! Today at noon and in the further course of the day it will be cloudy to very cloudy – plus showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy rain and hail. The DWD warns! The lowest probability of thunderstorms today is in the southeast. The temperatures climb to a maximum of 21 degrees in the mountains and up to 28 degrees in the Kraichgau. A weak wind usually blows from the southwest. In the event of a thunderstorm, there is a risk of strong to stormy gusts.

Weather today in Heilbronn Temperature / weather forecast
In the morning 14 to 24 degrees, slightly cloudy
at noon 24 to 26 degrees, cloudy
in the evening 20 to 25 degrees, slightly cloudy
at night 14 to 19 degrees, fog

From noon today until around midnight, it will be uncomfortable in Baden-Württemberg! Local thunderstorms with gusts of around 65 km / h, heavy rain and small-grain hail can occur. There is even a very limited amount of heavy rain of around 40 l / sqm per hour and hail of around 2 cm.

Weather today in Baden-Wuerttemberg: thunderstorm risk also on Friday

In the night of Friday showers and thunderstorms in Baden-Württemberg decrease – clouds loosen up again. In the lowlands there is local mist and fog. Temperatures drop to lows of 17 to 11 degrees.

Heilbronn Weather Forecast Temperature / weather forecast
Friday 14 to 26 degrees, overcast
Saturday 15 to 23 degrees, light thunderstorms
Sunday 15 to 20 degrees, overcast

On Friday morning, the first thunderstorms form in the west and northwest of Baden-Württemberg. In the further course of the day there are further thunderstorms in areas. But be careful! According to the DWD, extremely heavy rainfalls of 50 l / sqm in a short time and hail accumulations are conceivable in individual cases.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: First a Hitzer-Hammer, then a thunderstorm threatens

Update from June 2nd: The weather in Baden-Württemberg starts sunny and summery on Wednesday! The temperatures climb to maximums between 21 degrees in the mountains and up to 29 degrees in the Electoral Palatinate. But the DWD warns: Local thunderstorms threaten from noon!

In the further course of the day, cumulus clouds pile up above all over the mountainous region, as the DWD reports in its weather forecast. Particularly in the Black Forest and on the western Alb, a few showers and thunderstorms must be expected in the second half of the day.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: DWD warns of storms – heavy rain and hail possible

From noon the DWD warns of thunderstorms! In the Black Forest and on the western Alb, there is a risk of individual thunderstorms with heavy rain of up to 25 l / sqm in a short time, small-grain hail and stormy gusts of up to 75 km / h. Storms with heavy rain up to 40 l / sqm are also possible.

In the night of Thursday, isolated thunderstorms are not excluded, especially in the south and west of Baden-Württemberg, but with decreasing intensity. On Thursday initially clouds and sun alternate, until noon it becomes increasingly cloudy. During the course of the day, more showers and thunderstorms and the risk of heavy rain and small-grain hail must be expected.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: It’s really getting that hot now

Update, 1. June: Just in time for the meteorological beginning of summer, the experts at the German Weather Service today only have one catchphrase for the weather in Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday: “Sunny”. At up to 19 degrees on the Alb and up to 27 degrees on the Rhine, Hoch “Waltraud” really gives everything and gives us fantastic views.

In the morning it is still fresh, in some places near the ground there is even more frost possible. But with the appearance of the sun, the temperatures climb quickly. There is hardly a cloud in the sky during the day. The night on Wednesday is also mostly clear with stars.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Still hot, DWD is already warning of other “dangers”

On Wednesday it continues just as nicely. The weather in Baden-Wuerttemberg also remains set in summer. With temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees it gets really hot in some places. In the afternoon in the Black Forest, overnight then elsewhere: A few showers come. According to the DWD, thunderstorms are possible, but “rather unlikely”.

If the temperatures remain high, however, the air may crackle more often on Thursday. In addition to showers and thunderstorms, the DWD is already warning of a local “danger”. Accordingly, there could also be “heavy rain or small hail”. During the night, the summer thunderstorms end for the time being. On Friday it will be even hotter with up to 28 degrees, but thunderstorms and hail are possible again.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: summer, sun, sunshine

Update, 31. May: Summer is on the rise! The thick clothes can slowly be stowed away and the light summer clothes removed – because from Thursday the temperatures should stay in double digits even at night. The high pressure area “Waltraud” over the North Sea provides according to the German Weather Service (DWD) currently for warm and dry weather all over Baden-Württemberg.

The week starts in a summery way: it is already clear in the morning on Monday and during the rest of the day there is plenty of sun in the southwest. In the afternoon, few cumulus clouds appear in the north-east of the country. The maximum daily temperatures range between 17 degrees in the mountains and up to 24 degrees in the Upper Rhine Graben. According to the DWD, there is a weak north-east to east wind.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Summer is here – and it will stay

For Heilbronn, the weather report gives sunny prospects, on Monday you can really fill up with vitamin D, the sky should remain cloud-free with temperatures of up to 22 degrees. In the night of Tuesday it remains widespread in Baden-Württemberg with lows of two to nine degrees. According to the DWD, there is “very occasional ground frost in the south”. In Heilbronn it cools down to seven degrees at night.

A look at the 14-day trend for Heilbronn shows: Summer has slowly arrived in Germany too. The weather report does not predict a single day of maximum values ​​of below 20 degrees for the southwest in the next two weeks, in some cases even up to 27 degrees are expected. In addition, it remains mostly sunny, however, individual thunderstorms are already forecast for the weekend.

So will the summer soon finally prevail or? does the “sheep’s coldness” thwart our plans?*

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Mega temperatures announced

Update, 30. May: Did you recognize that big, yellow ball in the sky? And no, we don’t mean the super moon. Right – the sun is finally showing itself for a long time and ensures summery weather in Germany and Baden-Württemberg. The experts at the German weather service are therefore forecasting mega temperatures for the coming days.

From the much-mentioned Sahara heat *, only the mild foothills can initially be felt this Sunday. According to the DWD, it remains dry and the temperatures climb to up to 15 degrees in the mountains and 23 degrees on the Upper Rhine. A stormy wind is still whistling above the Black Forest peaks in particular. In addition, ground frost is still possible in some places at night.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Temperatures are exploding

During the day, the temperatures really explode at the start of the week. On Monday it is up to 24 degrees, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday even 27. The rest of the week, the weather in Baden-Württemberg should be warm in summer.

However, showers and thunderstorms are again possible on Wednesday and Thursday night in the Black Forest. Apart from cumulus clouds, it is otherwise really summery.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Cloudy with a prospect of summer

Update, May 29: The meteorological beginning of summer is getting closer and closer, but certainly the weather in Baden-Württemberg is also becoming more and more summery. In any case, the changeable weather of the past few days is a thing of the past, instead there is plenty of sun on the weekend.

According to the experts of the German weather service “Initially sunny and dry”, but cumulus clouds can form around noon. In the north and east of Baden-Württemberg, isolated showers are also possible. The temperatures fluctuate between 14 on the Alb and 22 degrees on the Upper Rhine.

Weather in Baden-Württemberg: Summer start to the week

In the night to Sunday it will be slightly cloudy, but often clear and dry. Temperatures drop to 9 to 3 degrees. In the southeast there is occasional frost near the ground. On Sunday the clouds over Baden-Württemberg have also disappeared and it will be really sunny.

The temperatures also remain summery and are between 15 degrees in the mountains and 22 degrees in the lowlands. According to the experts from the German Weather Service, the trend continues at the start of the week, on Monday even maximum values ​​between 7 degrees in the mountainous region and 24 degrees in the Upper Rhine Rift are possible.

Weather in Baden-Wuerttemberg: Summer is slowed in the starting blocks

Weather, May 28th: Three more days – then the meteorologists speak of the beginning of summer. On time as ordered, it now seems to be coming. But how! Sahara heat is on its way and is now also affecting the weather in Germany and Baden-Württemberg. An extreme temperature jump is quite possible. The first offshoots of the Strahle weather can already be felt from today.

According to the experts from the German Weather Service, there will finally be more sun on Friday. “The influence of high pressure is increasingly determining the weather in Baden-Württemberg,” said the meteorologists. In the afternoon, the rain showers of the past few days should even be over. At the same time, the thermometer climbs up to 21 degrees in some places.

It is difficult to say whether summer can finally start sustainably with the kick-off on Friday. Recently, forecasts for the weather were often wrong for a reason *. Nevertheless, experts are already giving hope for the summer weather in Baden-Württemberg *.

Weather in Baden-Wuerttemberg: Plus in sunshine ensures a rise in temperature

On Saturday it can rain again, especially in the mountains. In the evening the sun shows up again. Occasional showers can also occur on Sunday, but overall it will be much friendlier – and warmer.

Like the weekend, Monday will also be more summery and bring significantly milder temperatures. In the west and northwest of Baden-Württemberg up to 22 degrees and “lots of sun”. We have already been given a first foretaste of the summer weather at the beginning of June *. Showers are only possible in the mountains. Here the thermometer only climbs up to 15 degrees. *echo24.de iund heidelberg24.de are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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