Weather forecast 2020: a year marked by drought in the Allier

The year 2020 was “very sunny, dry (77%), and very mild”, in the Allier, according to the temporary report from Météo France.

It therefore rained little in 2020, to such an extent that the prefecture had to publish, between July and September, several orders related to the drought. The restrictions on the use of water concerned the basins of Bouble, Aumance, Acolin, Val de Besbre and Val de Cher.

Rainfall and stormy episodes

“January and February are mild, often disturbed and cloudy with poor rains however. On March 1, the storm Léon crossed the department, with gusts of up to 123 km / h in the Bourbonnaise mountain, in Saint-Nicolas-des-Biefs. The weather remains dry, but “rains concentrated at the end of May”. June started with a stormy episode: heavy precipitation and hail affected the areas of Montluçon and Moulins in particular.

Up to 41.3 ° C recorded in the city center of Vichy, July 31, 2020

“The following two months are sunny, very dry and hot with a peak of heat at the end of July and a moderate heat wave at the beginning of August. »In Vichy, on July 31, we measured 41.3 ° C.Photo Florian Salesse

From mid-September, “the rains return with cool weather and dark skies. These conditions continue into October with rainy, restless and cool weather ”.

Cold wave at the end of November and warmth in mid-December

At the end of November, a cold snap, with frosts, is announced by Météo France. “Tuesday, December 1, after night frosts, the sky is cloudy bringing rains in the morning, followed by showers which develop during the afternoon and extend sparsely into the night. Snow then falls from an altitude of 600 to 700 meters. “Photo Dominique Parat
The Lodge of the Guards, in Laprugne, is covered with a white veil. Temperatures are rising on the 15th (16.3 ° C in Chareil-Cintrat), and cooling from December 25th.

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“Everything has been dry for two months”: in the Montluçon basin, the drought is undermining drinking water resources (September 2020)

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