“We want to persevere, not win.” Fantastic offers and discounts on prices

Offers, temptations, and wholesale discounts are heaped on the Lebanese during this period, to encourage them to consume and buy all kinds of goods, merchandise, and products (food, various electronic tools, clothes, toys for children, and others). What is striking in a tour of the Lebanese Forces website on the markets is that the discounts and offers almost do not exclude any good or service, including supermarkets and restaurants.

What was noted in our tour is that some of the offers and discounts are almost fictional, compared to the recent period of last summer. For example, most supermarkets compete in providing temptations to consumers and attracting them to purchase goods and merchandise, and discounts on certain goods can reach less than 50% of the original price of the item and sometimes up to 70%. In addition to offers such as: Buy two items of a specific category and pay only 50% of the original item price for the second item, and the like.

Most restaurants and snack bars that sell sandwiches and some pastry ovens have also entered the competition line and offer various offers and discounts on prices, noting that this phenomenon is observed in certain areas more than others. For example, order a hamburger and get the second for free, or 2 chicken sandwiches and get a soft drink for free, or 3 shawarma sandwiches and pay $1 for each sandwich and get a box of French fries for free, and measure on that.

In explaining the reasons for this phenomenon that is not very common at the doorstep of the holiday season (Christmas and New Year), and this intense competition between shops, supermarkets, restaurants and snack bars to provide the best offers and discounts on prices, a number of owners of these sectors explain to the “Al-Quwat” website that “deflation The expanding economy, especially since our involvement against our will in the Gaza war, has forced us to search for all available means to continue as much as possible, including offers and discounts on prices, until “may God relieve us and we get out of this predicament.” Today, people only buy and consume necessities at a minimum.”

Some restaurant owners say: “They did not let us rest after we had a little breather during the last prosperous summer season, which helped us compensate for part of the huge losses that we suffered since the outbreak of the crisis in October 2019, so they eliminated the fall season and the upcoming holidays, as has become known to everyone. Therefore, with the offers and discounts that we offer to customers, we try to stick with live meat in order to continue and not close our institutions and fire our employees. Today we do not think about making profits, but only about steadfastness. Unfortunately, they have brought us to this situation and destroyed all our dreams of developing and developing our institutions, which are now threatened with complete closure.”​

2023-11-28 08:35:59
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