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We present the chief referee of the Ukraine-Italy match. The Spaniard who refereed Dynamo

As already reported, UEFA has named the refereeing team for the Euro 2024 qualifying match between the Ukrainian national team and the Italian national team, which will take place next Monday, November 20 in Leverkusen. All referees are from Spain, and the main referee of the match will be Jesus Gil Manzano.

Jesus Hill Manzano

39-year-old Manzano has been officiating matches in Spain’s elite division since 2012, and he became a FIFA referee in 2014.

This is not the first time Manzano will officiate a match involving the Ukrainian national team. In October 2021, the Spaniard worked as the chief referee at the 2022 World Cup qualifying match Finland – Ukraine (1:2), in which he showed only one yellow card.

Manzano is familiar with Ukrainian football at the club level. The Spaniard worked at the following European Cup matches of Ukrainian representatives:

— season 2014/15, Europa League, qualification, “Chernomorets” — “Split” (Croatia) − 0:0;

— season 2017/18, Europa League, playoffs, “Dynamo” — “Lazio” (Italy) — 0:2;

— season 2022/23, Europa League, playoffs, Feyenoord (Netherlands)“Miners” − 7:1;

— season 2023/24, Europa League, qualification, “Dnepr-1” — “Slavia” (Czech Republic) − 1:1.

Finally, in 2014, Manzano worked twice at the matches of the Ukrainian youth team (U-19) in the European Championship qualification (U-19): Ukraine – England – 1:0, Ukraine – Scotland – 0:0.

The last time Manzano received an appointment from UEFA was in September, for the group stage match of the current Champions League between the French PSG and Borussia Dortmund (3 yellow cards, 0 deletions, 1 penalty).

In total, Manzano has 86 international matches under his belt, including 12 in the qualifying rounds of the World and European Championships and the final stages of these tournaments.

Let us add that the main referee of the Ukraine-Italy match is a rather strict referee: he shows an average of five yellow cards per game, and removes players in every third match under his referee.

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