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Wayne Rooney in Talks for Boxing Debut with Misfits Boxing

Wayne Rooney not only has it in his feet, but also in his hands.

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Football legend Wayne Rooney is said to be considering a short-term career change and is in talks with “Misfits Boxing” about getting into the ring soon.

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  • According to a report, former Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney is considering getting into the ring for an exhibition fight.
  • He is said to be in talks with the Misfits Boxing association, which belongs to the rapper KSI, in order to be available for one of the upcoming fights.
  • Rooney was most recently active as a coach, but was fired after a short time in Birmingham and now wants to take a break from football.

Wayne Rooney’s star rose at the 2004 European Championships. The then 18-year-old enchanted England with his style of play, which was reminiscent of a boxer on the pitch. “He dances, jumps, avoids any duel and hits with precision – not with his fists, but with his feet and his head,” wrote the Keystone-SDA news agency.

The boxing analogy is no coincidence, after all his father Thomas Wayne Rooney – a mostly unemployed person – was a prizefighter. The soccer prodigy with the bull’s neck also showed his passion for the rough martial arts throughout his successful career.

In 2015, the striker, who spent most of his footballing life at Manchester United, celebrated a goal in a very self-deprecating manner. After a few shadow boxing punches, Rooney fell backwards onto the grass “unconscious”.

Knocked out by fellow footballer

The reason for the special jubilation were the stories that had previously made the rounds, especially among the revolver magazines. Rooney and his colleague Phil Bardsley, who plays for Stoke City, had a “little fight between friends” wearing boxing gloves. After a left straight from Bardsley, Rooney fell to the ground in his own kitchen, and the tabloids even reported that the English national hero briefly lost consciousness.

The 120-time international (53 goals) moved to the coaching bench almost seamlessly in 2021. In his role, however, he was not (yet) able to build on his previous successes – with the Red Devils he celebrated around five championship titles and a triumph in the Champions League. Most recently he was released from the second division team Birmingham City after less than three months. Rooney had previously failed more or less badly at Derby County (also second division) and at the American club DC United.

Rooney announced a break after the latest “setback”: “I have been involved in professional football as a player or coach since I was 16. Now I plan to take some time with my family to prepare for the next opportunity in my coaching journey.”

According to a report from “The Mirror» apparently spend it fighting in public. He is said to have been in contact with “Misfits Boxing” for several months, which was founded by the English YouTuber, boxer and rapper KSI. A one-off fight is being discussed, but it does not count as a professional fight because “Misfits Boxing” is not a member of the English Boxing Association.

Jake Paul, Rio Ferdinand – or maybe Cristiano Ronaldo?

The British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is already raving in the newspaper about a possible duel between Wayne Rooney and YouTuber Jake Paul at Old Trafford. Rooney has already called him a few times – while tipsy – to start a fight, says Hearn. For this pairing, the former goalscorer would have to look for another boxing association on the one hand and fight in the USA on the other. So maybe there will be a reunion with an old companion.

Rio Ferdinand, a long-time central defender for Manchester United and, like Rooney, a former captain of the Three Lions, wanted to start a boxing career in 2018. He had been preparing for a boxing career for over a year and had also completed numerous sparring sessions, but did not receive a license from the British Professional Boxing Association.

Wayne Rooney always likes to show himself in the ring.


Rooney would certainly have an interesting exchange of blows with Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he stormed together in Manchester from 2004 to 2009. However, the two exceptional talents were not always on the same wavelength and repeatedly teased each other in public.

While Rooney, of all people, described Ronaldo’s rival Lionel Messi as the “best player in history”, CR7 expressed jealousy at Piers Morgan for Rooney’s statements: “Probably because he ended his career in the 30s. I’m still playing at a high level, I’m not going to say I look better than him, which is true.” The best conditions to let your fists do the talking.

At least Rooney would have a good coach on his side. Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury and he are good friends. Fury even wanted to use him as a sparring partner before the duel with the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk.

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