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Water Convoy: Protest against Mega-Basins and Water Policy

The Water Convoy set off this Friday morning from Lezay, in Deux-Sèvres. Several hundred people on bicycles or in tractors will take part in it as far as Orléans to denounce the construction of mega-basins and the water policy.

The starting signal was scheduled for 3 p.m., after a big picnic. THE water convoy left Lezay at the start of the afternoon, heading for Beaugency near Orléans, where the Loire-Bretagne water agency is headquartered.

A long procession of bicycles and tractors, made up of activists from the Bassines collective, Non Merci! From the Peasant Confederation and the Earth Uprisings. The demonstrators intend to denounce the water policy, the mega basin projects and demand a real dialogue on the sharing of water. “From the beginning, we ask for a real territorial project where all the people would be integrated into a reflection on this famous sharing of water” explains Jean-Jacques Guillet, member of the Bassines collective, No thanks!

Hundreds of bicycles and tractors for the water convoy • © Guillaume Fautrat, France Télévisions

And according to him, there’s no more time to waste “Tomorrow, already, we will have less and less water, so it is becoming urgent to put things in order and review the priorities. Namely feeding animals and humans and preserving wetlands for a quality water. Economic water is only in third place.”, he hammers.

A requirement also recalled by Julien Le Guet, the spokesperson for Bassines, No Thank you!

The moratorium is valid for all storage projects by pumping and on plastic tarpaulins and for the whole territory.

Julien Le Guet

Spokesperson for Bassines, No Thanks!

Tractors and bicycles for the water convoy • © Guillaume Fautrat – France Télévisions

The route of the water convoy has planned a stopover in Coussay-les-Bois, in Vienne. In this small town there is a factory farm of 1,200 young bulls. The elected officials of the town and the inhabitants denounce these farming methods and fear serious damage to the environment, with for example a straw storage site without a fire protection device, possible pollution of groundwater.

Collective, “No to the farm-factory of Coussay-les-Bois” • © AM Baillargé – France Télévisions

Several legal actions have been launched or are in progress. The convoy will therefore stop there to support the collective fighting on this territory.

On the route of the Water Convoy • © Guillaume Fautrat – France Télévisions

Here is the route of the water convoy between August 18 and 25.

The journey of the water convoy • © France Télévisions

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