Watch the series, The Price, Episode 8, the eighth and final, in full, on the Shahid VIP platform

The Price series, episode 8. The Price series, episode 8, is one of the very distinguished works that won the admiration of the audience since the first episode was shown. The Price series was able to achieve a large audience in record time, and that is why the series tops the first search engines. Which is witnessing strong and new events, there is a strong participant among a group of the brightest stars and stars in the Arab world in the series “The Price”, embodying the starring role of the actor Basil Al-Khayyat, who presented many successful works, and it is expected that the price will be among the best works.

The series “The Price” achieved remarkable interaction in the first hours of the show and garnered millions of views, and day after day the series began to grow in popularity and searches for it, big and small, on social media and social media.

The story of the price series, episode 8

The series The Price was shown for the first time on Sunday, corresponding to January 8, 2022, and the first episode won millions of viewers. Although her husband’s family is large in the country and they have a lot of wealth, the husband died leaving a young child who suffered from a health problem, and the mother discovered that her child had cancer. The mother seeks to secure an amount for treatment and a quick operation. The mother collects money from friends, but this amount is incomplete, and this is what pays her To request an amount from the work manager, Scheherazade is surprised by an immoral request for her manager’s security in exchange for the amount, hence the development of events, and you will learn new details during the upcoming episodes of the series.

Heroes and staff of the series The Price

  • Basil Khayyat.
  • Nicholas Moawad.
  • Razan Jamal.
  • Sarah Abi Kanaan.
  • Rafeeq Ali Ahmed
  • Algerian morning.
  • Faris Medal.
  • Randa Kaadi.
  • Hussein Moghaddam.
  • Directed by: Fikret Kadi.

Show dates for the price series

The series The Price is shown through a group of famous mbc channels because it used to publish all new and exclusive, the series The Price is within the short works consisting of only 8 episodes. mbc 1 at seven o’clock in the evening, and the replay will be shown at seven o’clock in the morning, and you will also watch the series “The Price” on mbc Iraq channel at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, and the replay will be at 2.45 in the morning, and the series will also be broadcast on the Shahid VIP platform series/Al-Thaman/series-958245 .

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