Watch before deletion.. The night of a famous artist’s income was leaked to Safinaz.. What are you going to do, crazy man!! All of Egypt knows what I will do

We thank you for your interest in reading the news of the leaking of the night a famous artist entered Safinaz.. What are you going to do, crazy person!! All of Egypt knows what I will do…. Watch now on our website and now with details

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Fares Hazo married the dancer Safinaz, after he proposed marriage to her in a romantic way, and she stipulated that he see his daughters first to judge whether she would be able to coexist with them or not.

During episode 16 of the series, President Mansour tells Fares the message sent by our master Al-Razi to him, so Fares gets angry, so Mansour asks him to go along with his affairs for fear of his daughters.

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