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Watch! Astro’n’out presents the video for the hit “Airplane Mode”

At the end of July, the band “Astro’n’out” has released a video of their latest single “In Airplane Mode” for the general public, which evokes the feeling of the open-air concert on August 21 with a summer mood.

This time, the video does not show the soloist and the usual members of the group, but young people, who depict the characters of “Astro’n’out” and the daily life of the group, reminding through children’s joy that life must be lived with joy and excitement, enjoying summer and friendship.

In this video, young people remind us of two questions with their attitude and storyline: how long did we grow up and forget to have fun as children? And at the same time, aren’t today’s children growing up too fast? However, the most important thing is that the clip is about friendship, being together and team spirit, which is essential for the existence of the group “Astro’n’out”, “says the group’s soloist Māra Upmane-Holstein

The song “In Airplane Mode” reminds us of the importance of being able to put aside the daily race and phones, enjoying real, direct, remote and fully present communication. Because maybe the meaning of life really is to catch a sunset with friends?

The 11- and 12-year-olds symbolically represent the members of the group “Astro’n’out” in the clip. Una, the daughter of the group’s guitarist Mārtiņš Elerts, has taken on the role of Māra. Mārtiņš says: “I am proud of Una’s determination, without thinking for a long time, to agree and throw himself into this adventure! While in the filming process, it was interesting to watch the young people step into our shoes, while realizing that they would immediately start fulfilling their own dreams. ”

All the things the young people do in the clip are really like out of group life. Even including kebabs, they are an integral part of studio work.

The author of the video is “Colortime” director and cameraman Jānis Dunkurs, with whom the band started cooperating already in “Atskatos” and “Padodos” song video clips. The group would like to thank the whole team for their responsiveness, patience and professionalism, especially the young people, who are not professional actors but did a great job. Thanks to the actors of the clip Una, Gustav, Matīss, Aleksandrs and Tomas.

The song “Airplane Mode”, created in collaboration with the group’s longtime friends DJ Rudd, will also be available in person at the group’s Astro’n’out open-air concert at the Mežaparks Green Theater on August 21. More information about the rules of attending the concert here.

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