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Warsaw. The Town Hall comments on railwaymen’s plans for a new cross-city line

Railwaymen are looking for a place for a new cross-city line and have announced a tender for a planning study for various route variants. The capital city hall referred to these plans. Its spokeswoman Monika Beuth-Lutyk assessed that such documents are useful in later planning the investment. At the same time, she emphasized that the variants proposed by PKP PLK do not decide anything yet.

The company PKP PLK announced a tender for a planning study for the expansion of the Warsaw Railway Junction. The description of the contract includes, among others assumptions related to the construction of a new cross-city line. Among the variants submitted for analysis, there was one whose route would run from the office area in Służewiec to the Vilnius Railway Station, and the stops would be located, among others, near Rakowiecka Street, the Central Statistical Office, Bank Square or the “Radosława” roundabout.

“It’s good that such documents are created”

We asked about the railway workers’ plans in the capital city hall. A spokeswoman for the town hall, Monika Beuth-Lutyk, assured that city officials were in constant contact with railwaymen. – We sent a number of comments to the draft description of the subject of the contract in this procedure and many of them were taken into account. It is worth emphasizing that we are talking about a study here, so it is still far from concrete plans, she said. – It is good that such documents are created, because it allows for many years to coordinate the course of important investments in the city in such a way that, for example, existing and planned rail corridors do not duplicate – she added.

Monika Beuth-Lutyk emphasized that the plans included in the description of the subject of the contract for the tender just announced are treated as concepts “which do not mean that this will be the route of the line and the location of stops”. – The structure of this study is such that at the beginning of the study there are technical analyzes that may exclude a given variant from further studies – noted a spokeswoman for the town hall.

– It must be remembered that we are talking about a project whose implementation could be considered only in 25-30 years. The purpose of the study is to analyze various options well in advance and, inter alia, to compare them with city plans in the field of, for example, the development of the metro network or other underground infrastructure – concluded our interlocutor.


Tender for a planning study

The subject of the contract is the development of a planning study for the expansion of the Warsaw Railway Junction, with particular emphasis on the new cross-city line as part of the project entitled “Preparatory work for selected projects”. In 2019, the PKP PLK company adopted the document “Directions for the development of the railway network in the Warsaw Railway Junction – Master Plan for rail transport in the Warsaw agglomeration”, which is a diagnosis of the current state and provides guidelines for the implementation of activities for the future, so as to create an offer not only for Warsaw , but also more broadly, because the plan covers analyzes within a 100 km radius around Warsaw.

The study for which a tender has just been announced will extend these assumptions.

The contract provides for several stages of preparation of the study: identification of variants, preliminary technical analyzes of new diameter lines and other lines, model preparation and prognostic analyzes, variant corrections, their analysis in terms of throughput and finally the preparation of conceptual systems.

The contractor will have approximately 3.5 years to develop the document. The deadline for submitting offers is February 24, 2022.

We also informed on tvnwarszawa.pl about the ruined footbridge over the tracks closed five years ago, which has not been demolished so far:


A closed footbridge over the tracks near the Rakowiec railway station Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

photo-source">Main photo source: PKP PLK

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