Warning from the European Medicines Agency to use chloroquine for the treatment of corona

The European Medicines Agency pointed out the warning against the use of “hydroxychloroquine” in order to treat the Corona virus, according to Sky News Arabic channel in an urgent news.

Trump’s use of hydroxychloroquine:

Where the White House mentioned that the US President “Donald Trump” is in an “excellent” state after taking the anti-malarial drug, Hydroxychloroquine, as a preventive measure to protect himself from the Corona virus.
White House Spokesman Kelly McKinani added, at a press conference yesterday evening, through “her question about that, and he told me that he feels that he is in very good and excellent condition after taking that medicine,” according to what was published by “Russia Today”.

“Kelly McKinani” indicated that Trump will return to taking the drug if he considers that he has been in contact with a person who is infected with Coronavirus, or may be exposed to it.
Earlier, the US President disclosed that he was taking the anti-malarial drug, Hydroxychloroquine, to prevent coronavirus, explaining that he was not infected with it, while he considered that this drug had an effect on infection.

Concerns for the health organization:

And the World Health Organization revealed that it had suspended the use of the anti-malarial drug in its tests to treat the emerging coronavirus, due to concerns that it warns of that drug is approved for treatment.

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