Walter Ormeño dies, the only one to lead America, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas

MEXICO — Walter Ormeño, former footballer of America and sole coach in directing the four greats of Mexico, died this Saturday in Mexico City at age 93, according to published information by Heriberto Murrieta.

The Peruvian exporter arrived at Mexican soccer for the 1959/1960 season to defend the colors of America. After passing through the Eagles, he was also in Zacatepec, Atlante and Morelia.

His career as a coach began and he did it largely in Mexico. It began in 1964 on the Atlantean bench, from there it went to Blue Cross, Cougars, America, Chivas, Athletic Spanish, Veracruz, Lion Y Necaxa, in addition to other clubs in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

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