Waldorf Frommer warning about “Knives Out” for LEONINE Licensing -915 Euro-

The law firm Waldorf Frommer from Munich is currently issuing warnings for alleged copyright infringements on the film “Knives Out”.

Knives Out – Murder is a family matter (Original title: Knives Out) is an American crime film directed by Rian Johnson, who was responsible for both the direction and the script. The main roles are played by Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans and Christopher Plummer. The film celebrated its world premiere on September 7, 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released in German cinemas on January 2, 2020.

The Waldorf Frommer law firm makes the following claims for this violation:

  • Injunction
  • damages
  • Reimbursement of legal fees

Be careful with cease and desist statements

Once a cease and desist declaration has been submitted, it can hardly be withdrawn. This is all the more serious, since it entails a bond of 30 years. The financial burden when triggering the contractual penalty is per offense at up to 5,000.00 euros. This means that if the film concerned or only parts of it are “divided” again, this penalty will be due. The exact amount of the contractual penalty would be determined by a court in the event of a dispute.

In many cases it is Submission such an explanation, however not necessary.

If a cease and desist declaration has to be submitted, it should be checked by a lawyer and “modified”. No signing without prior examination!

No early payment to Waldorf Frommer

The “generous” comparison amount offered is in most cases excessive (if there is any liability at all). This sum must be checked by an experienced lawyer and critically examined. In most cases a significant reduction in the required amount is possible.

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Do not ignore the warning

Please note that ignoring such a warning (mostly due to well-intentioned advice in relevant Internet forums) does not mean that the matter is “settled”. Rather, these matters, especially from Waldorf Frommer consistently taken to court.

What can I do for you as a lawyer?

In the Variety of constellations and possible legal consequences it is advisable to seek expert advice.

Contact us (if necessary with simultaneous sending of your warning). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The first consultation is free, where the exact circumstances of your specific individual case are discussed and a corresponding defense procedure is discussed.

Under no circumstances should you rely on half-truths from the Internet. Experience has shown that these do nothing against the efficient defense and can even worsen the situation.

Notice again:

  • In many cases it has to no Declaration of omission or just one modified be handed in.
  • Also in most cases there is one not insignificant To achieve a reduction in the amount of the claim, even if the person warned is eligible for the act.

We are happy to be there for you.

your Rechtsanwalt Tawil

You can find more information on warnings on the Internet on our homepage www.abmahnungsberater.de

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