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Wagner mercenary group activities in Africa: United States announces new measures

The United States will take new “measures” this week against the activities of the Wagner mercenary group in Africa, the State Department spokesman announced on Tuesday (June 27). “You will see the United States take additional measures” against the Wagner Group to hold it accountable for its activities “de destruction” in Africa, he said. This live is now over.

Prigozhin en route to Belarus. The Belarusian president said the boss of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner was expected in Belarus today, as part of an agreement that ended his armed rebellion in Russia last week. “I see that Prigojine is already traveling by plane. Yes, indeed, he is in Belarus today”said Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir Putin thanks the soldiers who prevented a “civil war”. The Russian president on Tuesday thanked the soldiers who prevented a “civil war” during the rebellion of the paramilitary group last weekend. “Along with your brothers in arms, you opposed these disturbances, the result of which would inevitably have been chaos”, said the head of state in front of soldiers in Moscow. A minute of silence was then observed for pilots killed in “carrying out their duty with honor”.

More than 70 executions of detained civilians. Since the start of the Russian invasion, the UN has recorded 77 summary executions of civilians arbitrarily detained by Russia in the territories it occupies, according to a report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. According to this document, the Russian forces “engaged in widespread torture and ill-treatment”.

kyiv claims that its “soldiers have advanced in all areas”. Volodymyr Zelensky “visited units of the armed forces of the operational and strategic group of Khortytsia”, near Donetsk, on Monday. He claimed that his “soldiers [avaient] progressed in all areas”celebrating “a happy day”. “I wished them more days like this”he said in his daily address.

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