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W League Addresses Disciplinary Action Against Chanson Cosmetics Chanson V Magic

Thank you for your continued support of W League.
As of today, the league has issued a disciplinary action against Chanson Cosmetics Chanson V Magic.
In response to this matter, W League would like to make the following comment. Please check this together with the explanatory materials regarding this matter.

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Chanson Cosmetics We would like to sincerely apologize to all basketball officials and fans for causing concern regarding the departure of the head coach and seven players of Chanson V Magic (hereinafter referred to as the “Target Team”) last season.

The W League has determined that the reason for the departure of seven players and the head coach during the season was due to a lack of appropriate team management in the affected teams. Those who manage the teams that make up the top league in Japan must understand the situations that may occur within the team, accept them, strive for improvement, and manage them appropriately to lead the team to better conditions. We sought.

As a result of this incident, all teams in the W League reconsidered their approach to team management, creating an environment that not only allows players to perform at their best, but also provides a fulfilling place for players to invest a portion of their lives. We believe that it is necessary to create a league that is made up of teams that have an environment where they can spend time, and to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

On the other hand, players who entered last season left the team midway through the season, and the time lost cannot be recovered.
The W-League is extremely disappointed in the fact that we were unable to allow a player to complete a season, and we are now reflecting on whether there was any way we could have supported the team before this result occurred.

We, the W League, will keep this incident in our hearts as an event that we must never forget, and we vow that we will never put the players who join the team with dreams into the same situation again. We promise to everyone that we will do our best to support all athletes so that they can reach their dreams and goals.

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2023-09-25 07:24:18

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