VW launches new Caddy in 2020 – this is how it should look

Wolfsburg. In 2020 the time has finally come! After 17 years brings VW finally the successor to the current caddy generation.

The design of the VW-Wagens from Wolfsburg should be sportier and more dynamic, reports “motorsport-total.com”.

VW: drawings showed up! This is how the new Caddy should look

So far, the VW caddies have been popular primarily as campers or work cars. The large storage space offered space for working materials and camping equipment. Although the new Caddy will have changes, VW wants to maintain many of the previous features.

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The world premiere of the new caddy will take place in just a few months: on February 20, 2020 in Düsseldorf. But now something has emerged that makes car fans sweeten the waiting time.

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Sketches already show which changes there should be to the vehicle. As before, not much has changed in the proportions of the car. The trunk volume continues to have priority.


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VW Caddy should look less massive

However, some subtleties have changed. The sketches according to “motorsport-total.com” show that there might be a variant with the tailgate opening upwards.

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In addition, there are striking plastic inserts on the sills. As a result, the car is supposed to appear less massive, the motor magazine suggests.

You can see the first sketches here <<<<<

On it you can see the Caddy with a flatter front, embedded VW logo over a narrow grille with large LED lights. The entire rear window seems to be surrounded by an LED line.

How much the chic VW Caddy will soon cost you is not yet certain. (ABR)

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