Vueling and the inaction of Councilor Borrego move A Coruña away from London, which is approaching Santiago

The link between A Coruña and London moves away from Alvedro in the direction of Labacolla. Vueling announced this Thursday the launch, with ticket sales, of two new routes from Compostela airport, one to Bilbao and the other to London Gatwick airport. Meanwhile there is no news about the recovery of the flight that linked A Coruña with Heathrow.

The connection with London was not only among the most successful at the Alvedro airport, but it also linked A Coruña with hundreds of destinations around the world. A month ago, the councilor of the Popular Party, Nazareth Cendán, posed a question to the councilor responsible for Tourism, Juan Ignacio Borrego, at the head of a council-container in which he also assumes responsibilities in Institutional Relations and Citizen Security. “There is currently no demand to recover that flight”, answered Borrego.

Everything indicates that the pandemic is in its final stretch and it is time to reposition ourselves at all levels because, in addition, the restrictions on mobility are increasingly less. The flight from London was one of the main claims of Alvedro, whose promotion is supposed to be one of the tasks that must be given the most care by the city council.

Vueling’s decision to connect Santiago with London, even through Gatwick, casts doubt on whether the company’s immediate plans are to resume the flight they operated from Alvedro, which since 2006 had the capital of the United Kingdom at an hour and a half . The airline company has requested the cancellation of the agreement with the A Coruña City Council that served as an umbrella to operate from Alvedro, an agreement that was suspended last September.

“It is the chronicle of an announced failure of serious consequences,” says Marea Atlántica, which alludes to the inaction of the mayor. Both she and Borrego, who has already been harshly criticized for his ephemeral and unproductive passage in Sports, are in the spotlight on an issue that agrees with all the opposition in María Pita.

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