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VTW Breaks New Ground with Innovative Opportunity for Company Presentations

The Association for Tourism and Economic Development (VTW) is breaking new ground. Instead of the trade show limited to the Brunnenpassage, the VTW organized an innovative opportunity for company presentations with a day for open companies. Under the motto “We’ll show everyone!” the participating stores and service providers invited all interested parties. A number of companies presented their offers as part of the Sunday market on the Blue Square, others awaited visitors in their business premises. A shuttle bus was set up for the transfer to the individual companies.
“They have reinvented themselves and still retained a lot of the tried and tested,” praised Mayor Dominik Brasch. This is lived economic promotion. He thanked the VTW organizers, especially Joachim Schmidt and Maike Ovens, who, among other things, developed the logo, the flyer and the website, shot a video of the participating companies, maintained social media and advertised in the print media and on the radio.
The association lives from the participation of its members, said VTW chairman Dieter Holk. “We’ve come a long way,” he said happily about the latest development of the VTW.
The participating companies had indeed come up with some ideas to give visitors a look behind the scenes of their companies.
Torsten Flechtner from Juwelier Uhren-Wolf explained the work of a watchmaker. In a demonstration workshop in front of his shop, he demonstrated the function of a clockwork to visitors.
Optik May presented a walk-in optician’s workshop with demonstrations, such as the grinding of spectacle lenses, on Bad Sodener Straße.
Under the motto “From the inn to the house for new work”, Joachim Schmidt and Maike Ovens used an extensive exhibition to document the history of the former traditional inn “Zur Hoffnung” in the Brückenstraße, which in future will be known as “Das Wolf” as a center for modern forms of work should function.
Creative handiwork was in demand at the Dippenmarkt for “Kinzzig”. Lina Richter-Agostini and her team conducted workshops for large and small participants. For example, beautiful lanterns were made from old glasses.
In a number of companies, such as the Maxworx company on Brückenstraße, the Spessart Therme mobile home, the Aktivita fitness studio and the Autozentrum Ries, young people had the opportunity to find out about the relevant apprenticeships directly on site. The KIZ group of companies provided insights into the company and presented the profession of architect.
The wheel of fortune turned at Ziegler’s travel world, and the children especially had a lot of fun. Ralf Balter and his team from SV Sparkassenversicherung had organized a day of action for visitors big and small.
Zweirad Donnecker offered test rides on various bicycle models, while Bikeschmiede Ahl started guided mountain bike tours. Cosmetics Ott presented a new product line of its own, Schuhhaus Hartung also presented new models, the gift shops “Aunt Emma Lives” and Trendhaus Enders offered a wide range of pretty and practical items. Advice was the focus at Promedica Plus, in the Schmetterling travel agency and in the Ruppel funeral home.
The “Haus am Park” restaurant, the Spezerei with its wine mobile on Blauer Platz and the ErstREBENswert vinotheque in Salmünster spoiled the visitors as participants.
Towards the end of the event, the entrepreneurs drew a positive response. Maike Ovens, who had already asked around at a number of participating companies, reported that the voices were mostly satisfied. Companies and visitors benefited in particular from the decentralized orientation of the day of action, because this enabled targeted advice, support and a more intensive exchange.
The company representatives of the participating companies met in the evening for a summary discussion on the Blue Square, took stock and discussed the orientation in 2024.

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