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VRT and VTM adjust broadcasting schedule on day of national mourning: …

VTM broadcasts the special of ‘Heroes from here’.

Photo: VTM

Tuesday 20 July has been declared a day of national mourning following the deadly flood in the country. At 12 noon there will be a minute of silence to remember the victims. As a result, the TV and radio stations are also making a number of changes. An overview.

On A shall The news of 19 hours last longer than usual, after which a slightly adjusted evening program follows. The short program The chair continues, but the episode of the quiz Switch is postponed one day. The other evening programs start earlier than planned. At 19:49 there is The American dream XL, followed by The House, an episode of Feeling for tumor and finally the late night news at 10:15 pm. Also the delivery of FC the champions will therefore not be seen Tuesday evening.

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Bee Canvas they continue longer on the topicality of the day of national mourning in a longer episode of to the point. Youth is also considered. Bee Karrewiet on chain net reports are made in a child-friendly manner. The reporters will explain what a day of national mourning means.

There are also a number of changes on the VRT radio networks. On Radio 1 is the broadcast of #weetikveel replaced at 12 o’clock by an extra broadcast of The world today with Ruth Roets. On Radio 2 they trade the summer programs all day for Dear neighbors with different presenters. From 8 a.m. to 12 noon with Kim Debrie and Daan Masset, from 1 to 4 p.m. with Karolien Debecker and from 7 to 11 p.m. with Marc Pinte. Music will be played that offers support and stories will be told of people who help in the places affected by the flood.

MNM let the summer music programs Sing your summer on MNM Summer hits fall for the day and have listeners request pictures that offer support. Bee Done will the broadcast of the Preludium concert not trough. Brussels Studio sends the scheduled Tomorrowland Around the world dj sets not out.

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All radio networks of the VRT, DPG, Mediahuis and the local radio stations of the Association Regional Radio Broadcasters (VRRO) will play the number No sound but the wind by Editors after the news at 12 o’clock, as a sign of solidarity.

Also with VTM they changed the program. After The news at 7 p.m. and the weather forecast, a special from Helden van Hier follows: Helping hands. In addition, production house Geronimo has visualized solidarity after the flood by following dozens of Flemish people who, each in their own way, help the inhabitants in the affected areas in Wallonia. The cameras are also on board with the fire brigades from Oostkamp and Antwerp, among others, who come voluntarily to help clear houses. This is followed by the film Christopher Robin, a story about friendship and being there for each other. This is followed by The reverse world and the Telefact summer broadcast heralds the night. The second episode of the BV game show disappears from the broadcast schedule Truth or Dare. That will be shown a day later.

Qmusic on Joe focus yesterday and today on the victims and volunteers in the Helping hands section. Testimonials can be heard throughout the day. Both on Qmusic, Joe and Willy the playlist is modified. At 12 noon there will be a minute of silence, as in the rest of the country, to commemorate the dead.

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