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Volleyball Boys Movie Premiere Draws Record Crowds in Taiwan Cinemas

A well-known chain theater received good news early in the morning: “I have never seen so many people queuing up, not even before the epidemic!” The theatrical version of “Volleyball Boys!! The Decisive Battle in the Garbage Dump” was released before seven o’clock this morning. Special version (IMAX, MX4D, 4DX, DOLBY CINEMA) cinemas and theaters, such as Miramar Dazhi Cinemas, Xinyi Village Roadshow, Songren Village Roadshow, Taichung Continental, Kaohsiung Continental and the new Yulon City, etc., all have direct queues. The crowd is better than that of “Spell Fighter 0” and “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK”.

There are only a few seats left for the show after 17:00 today. It is expected that major theaters and movie theaters this weekend will be full of expectations, cheers, laughter and moved tears.

In order to get the special edition of the limited edition comic “Otonko Extra Chapter!! 33.5” (overseas special edition), many young students and office workers appeared in the queue, and they all said that if they couldn’t get this bonus today, they would definitely I can’t go to work and go to school with peace of mind! So I woke up very early in the morning, but I didn’t expect that there was already a queue of people in front of me.

Led by the public’s expectation, the new Yulon City Village Roadshow Cinemas, Linkou Mitsui OUTLET Village Roadshow Cinemas, Taichung Tiger City Village Roadshow Cinemas, Taichung Dayuan Budweiser Cinemas and Tainan Nanfang Village Roadshow Cinemas offer special discounts All were swept away. Although the film studio had already increased the number of bonuses under expected pressure when initially evaluating the bonuses, it still underestimated the enthusiasm of animation fans. It is currently contacting the company to urgently increase the number of bonuses for the second week, which will be on April 4 Announced on March 17th (Wednesday), please refer toLingbang official Facebook

At the Taiwan premiere of “Volleyball Boys!! Showdown at the Junkyard” a few days ago, the film producers specially cooperated with the sports streaming platform DAZN to invite male and female players from the corporate volleyball league, as well as many players from the Chinese team to watch.

Many fans of Haruichi Furudate, the author of “Volleyball Boy!!”, were greatly surprised by this, because Haruichi Furudate wanted to convey: “Volleyball is a very interesting sport” before he stepped into it. The comic industry gave birth to the work “Volleyball Boy!!”. I didn’t expect that one day I would be able to watch the movie with the national players at the premiere in Taiwan. The fans were extremely touched by the film company’s thoughtfulness.

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