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Volkswagen electric car: ID.3 with a large battery not for large families

There are restrictions with the ID.3 electric car from Volkswagen that customers should often not notice. If you want the largest battery with 77 kWh, you get a car that is only approved for four people.


  1. QEST Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH, Holzgerlingen
  2. RATIONAL Wittenheim SAS, Wittenheim

Five people are only allowed to travel with the versions with smaller batteries. There are also restrictions when it comes to the trailer coupling – the version with the largest battery does not have any. Of all things, the top models ID.3 Pro S and Tour do not have a panorama roof and a bike rack.

Those interested in finding only four seats in the large battery do not find a hint in the configurator. So there is a risk that, for example, a family of five may order a car that is not suitable for them.

The reason for the restrictions is the maximum permissible total weight. Due to the large battery, the vehicle is already so busy that a fifth person would obviously be too much. The same applies to the additional equipment. The ID.3 Pro S has an unladen weight of 1,934 kg and the permissible total weight is 2,280 kg.

Der ID.3 Pro S costs from around 41,000 euros, the ID.3 Tour is sold from around 48,000 euros.

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