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Vladimir Putin Announces Re-election Bid for President of Russia in 2024


President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that he would seek re-election in the 2024 election. Putin’s ambition to serve as president for five terms is considered to further expand his power until 2030.

As reported AFP, Saturday (9/12/2023), Putin, who is currently 71 years old, has held important positions in Russia since 1999 and won four presidential elections. He briefly served as Prime Minister (PM) and President of Russia in a system where opposition was almost non-existent.

Putin made the official announcement regarding his candidacy for re-election as President of Russia on Friday (8/12) local time, when he attended a Kremlin event which was also attended by military personnel including troops deployed in fighting in Ukraine since the invasion was launched in February last year.

“I will not hide it: I have had different thoughts at different times. But this is the time when decisions have to be taken,” Putin said at the ceremony.

“I will run for President of the Russian Federation,” said Putin, announcing his re-election bid.

He spoke with Lieutenant Colonel Artyom Zhoga, a Russian military officer, who moments earlier had urged Putin to run for president again.

“Thanks to your actions, your decisions, we gained freedom. We need you. Russia needs you,” Zhoga told Putin before the announcement.

Political Analysts Assess There is an Element of Spontaneity Behind Putin’s Announcement

Political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya assessed that Putin’s seemingly spontaneous announcement at an event for military veterans was unusual, but full of symbolism.

“The (military) heroes — the ‘fathers of Donbas’ — want to see Putin become president again,” he said.

Putin will face no major challenges in his bid for a fifth term, and analysts say he will likely seek the broadest possible mandate to hide domestic disputes over the Ukraine conflict.

The Russian elections are scheduled to be held over three days from March 15 to March 17. The five major parties are allowed to nominate candidates in next year’s elections, but it is known they all support the Kremlin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin has the opportunity to run again after a controversial 2020 amendment to the Russian Constitution removed the limit of two consecutive presidential terms. The amendment allows Putin to run for president again for two additional six-year terms. Thus, Putin will be able to extend his power over Russia until at least 2036.

Putin has served as President of Russia for four terms, consisting of 2000-2008 for the first and second terms, then 2012 until now for the third and fourth terms.

The Russian President’s term of office, which was originally four years, has been extended to a six-year term since 2008 during the government of Dmitry Medvedev – a close ally of Putin.


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