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Viviana Canosa, after taking chlorine dioxide, again defied the Government

Viviana Canosa Credit: Instagram

After the controversy that generated Viviana Canosa Yesterday, after drinking a bottle from the program which, according to her, contained chlorine dioxide (CDS), a potentially dangerous chemical touted as an alleged cure for coronavirus, the television host again challenged. And she pointed to the Government by sending a suggestive message to her audience: “There is a future, in the midst of so much terror that they want to instill in us. Enough of fears.”

The driver started her program Nothing personal with the slogan “Enough with fears”, the same one that he used to title the self-help book he published in 2011. Canosa asked to viralize the phrase on Twitter and on his television space he released a video edited with the musical theme of Gustavo Cordera, “¿ How to face fears? “

“I chose this song and ask them to record the video with their hashtags #bastademiedos, so that we lose our fear. It is wonderful, it is impeccable, it describes exactly what is happening to us,” said Canosa, minutes before airing a Edited recording with different images that accounted for life in quarantine and which made reference to collective fear.

“There is a chatter of evil words, they are very scary, although they do not say anything. And with total impudence they put on sale the dose of terror that power holds,” was part of the fragment of the musical theme that Canosa chose to read in front of the camera. once the recording is finished.

Canosa’s message is not accidental, since the journalist criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic on more than one occasion. She promptly questioned the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, in the framework of the debate on the sanction of the cystic fibrosis law. He even asked him to resign.

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