Vitesse agrees with Sturing’s demand: ‘That is how it was done last time’

Edward Sturing gave Vitesse his yes for the second time, after he rejected an earlier request from the club to become head coach. The people from Arnhem wanted Sturing to succeed Leonid Slutsky, but the club icon refused to step in on a temporary basis.

Steering now gets in because he can finish the season. Vitesse approached him last week. “If I wanted to think about it. When I returned, we were quickly out,” explains Sturing Soccer International.

“I find this more pleasant than last time. Then I did eight games; four in the competition, four in the play-offs. Now I have longer, in half a year I can leave my mark and mean something.”

Sturing wanted Joseph Oosting, who temporarily took over from Slutsky, to retain Nicky Hofs and Raimond van der Gouw. “I did the same with this group last time, they are still all at the club. So that’s great.”

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