“Vite on the run”: a family thriller with Claudio Gioè and Anna Valle

A story that combines the charm of the family saga with the pressing atmospheres of the thriller. Arriving in prime time on Rai1 the new and thrilling series “Vite on the run” six first evenings, with Claudio Gioè and Anna Valle, Giorgio Colangeli and the participation of Barbora Bobulova, directed by Luca Ribuoli. A Rai Fiction – PayperMoon Italia co-production, broadcast from Sunday 22 November and available as a preview on RaiPlay, with the first two episodes, from Friday 20 November. To enrich the cast Francesco Colella, Francesco Arca, Vera Dragone, Giovannino Esposito and the extraordinary participation of Ugo Pagliai. At the center of the story is a family like many others: a well-tested couple, with two children who live in tranquility, sheltered by the certainties gained over many years of living together. No financial problems, no headaches with boys, no marital friction, indeed love and mutual esteem seem for the Caruana the focal point around which to rotate their entire existence. But things are about to change. A sudden tragic event will overwhelm them all, seriously endangering the safety of the entire family by transforming their peaceful lives into “lives on the run”.

For further information see NewsRai dedicated.

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