Entertainment Visitors to the Cēsis Art Festival will be able...

Visitors to the Cēsis Art Festival will be able to enjoy a rich art program this year as well


There will be at least one summer festival this year, and it will take place in Cesis. Today in Riga the program of Cēsis Art Festival is presented. This year, too, it will be extensive, but more focused on local artists, as international artists will not participate due to the pandemic.

The organizers of the festival were convinced ahead of time that the fourteenth Cēsis Art Festival would not take place due to Covid-19. However, as the situation improves, the festival program is presented in Riga today.

“We have managed to organize the festival in person. Everything that happens will be alive. Everything that happens will be here and now, and exactly nothing will be digital and virtual. No one will listen to any concerts on computers, ”the director of the festival Juris Žagars emphasized on Tuesday.

The focus of this year’s Art Festival will be on sound, so that in the post-crisis period, when tactile or tactile sensations are limited, listening and perhaps most importantly – hearing skills can be trained.

The guiding sound will also permeate the exhibitions. From July 25, the exhibition “Sound We See. The space we hear ”.

“We would like to call this exhibition a solidarity project with Latvian artists. Because, of course, the originally planned international project has developed into an absolute form of local art expression. And, importantly, four large-format new works will be on display in this exhibition, ”said Daiga Rudzāte, the curator of the festival’s visual program.

The festival will also have an extensive musical program. Taking care of the safety of the spectators, this year the musical performances will also take place in unusual places. For example, the Cēsis Art Festival will open on July 25 with the musical performance of the choir “Kamēr…” on the bank of the Gauja.

“Security, we have taken that into account. There will be no concerts in the wonderful Cēsis Concert Hall this year. It will be on the bank of the Gauja, it will be in the park of Cēsis Castle, it will be in the church of Cēsis, ”says Indra Lūkina, co-author and director of the festival’s music program.

A traditional theater performance will also take place during the festival. The theater program includes two full-time and one digital performance, as well as a special theatrical performance: a basketball game dedicated to theater critic Silvija Radzobe with the participation of the longest actors in Latvia.

The Cesis Art Festival will take place from July 25 to the end of August.


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