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Virtual Christmas market in the Offenbach district

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A woman from New Isenburg has opened the Facebook group “Christmas Market Rhein-Main online” – and is helping stall operators who have no income this year due to Corona.

Not a single Christmas market in the Offenbach district: For many stand operators, this is a financial disaster. Corinna Stolz, a native of New Isenburg, therefore founded the Facebook group “Christmas Market Rhein-Main online”. At least a little money should flow into the empty coffers of the sellers.

Stall operators can take photos of their Christmas products and post them online in the Facebook group. Anyone who wants to take part of the Christmas market home can write a personal message to the provider or go to their website. However, the prerequisite is that you join the private Facebook group. “Rhein-Main Christmas Market online” is visible to everyone, but only members can see who is in the group and what is posted there. Corinna Stolz initially chose this privacy setting because the group was initially only intended for New Isenburg residents. Then providers from surrounding cities came along – but Facebook no longer allows the conversion into a public group where everyone can see what is being posted. Nevertheless, the virtual Christmas market currently has 340 members – “although I haven’t really advertised it yet,” says Stolz.

Many sellers have now found their way into the group – for example with woodwork, glass art, coin decorations or Christmas baubles – as well as several hobby artists who offer their Christmas handicrafts. The group didn’t limit itself to professional marketers. “Everyone has Christmas things at home that they don’t want to throw away,” she says. Private people can therefore also swap, give away and sell in the group – for example, self-knitted socks or self-made Advent calendars. In addition, everyone can share their private courtyard Christmas market with mulled wine and sausages in the group.

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